The success story of MINTYE continues; all our products are developed by our R&D Department, including the environmentally friendly non-asbestos friction materials.

A fully staffed and well-equipped laboratory enables us to develop, test and evaluate raw materials, finished products and manufacturing processes. New formulations of composites are constantly being developed for better durability, reliability, and vehicle safety. All product capability factors are regularly tested to ensure that we give the best possible products - the fundamental reason for long term brand loyalty.


Today, MINTYE friction materials have gained worldwide acceptance, an achievement only made possible due to our commitment to R&D.

Our efforts have gained official recognition with our attainment of the German TüV Certification in the year 2000. Our systematic framework and approach to R&D and manufacturing can also be demonstrated by the fact that we have been an ISO accredited organisation since 1991 (the first in Malaysia in the friction materials industry). This has since been upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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