The Right Attitude
We practice stringent quality control (QC) procedures throughout our business, from raw material purchasing and production to after-sales service. Our QC personnel are trained to be uncompromising where quality is concerned.

After all, Your Safety, Our Pride.

Suppliers are carefully vetted by our QC team to ensure they meet our quality specifications before being accepted onto our supplier list. Even after acceptance, incoming shipments are randomly test-checked to ensure quality specifications are conformed to. The superior quality of our raw materials ensures consistency in our final products.


Throughout the production process, products are checked and approved at each stage. Non-compliant products are rejected outright. We also constantly invest in new tooling to expand our range and are adamant about acquiring the latest state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Much of our equipment and machinery is designed in-house to meet our stringent quality control requirements and specifications. All decisions are made with product quality and productivity in mind:

Quality enhances trust from customers.
Productivity ensures competitiveness.


Last but not least, our dedicated sales team provideds excellent after-sales service and is always ready to assist our customers with enquiries or special requests. This has enabled us to grow our network to over 50 countries and build up many lasting relationships along the way.

Ultimately, you can be assured that when you buy MINTYE, you are buying quality!

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